Recollect crystals and buy stuff

The generators are machines that spawn crystals at a specific rate. Generators are the main way players have to equip better and get resources. Each one spawn its own kind of crystal that can be used to buy different items at the store.

There are three types of crystals that generators can spawn, Tetro-crystal, Octo-crystal and Ico-crystal. The generators can be upgraded up to four times to change its spawn rate. To upgrade them you use crystals.

Some generators are deactivated by default and you have to recollect crystals in other places to be able to activate them.


This is the basic and the first generator in the game, it spawns tetro-crystals, with that you can buy the basics tools, and upgrade the generator itself, you can also activate or upgrade the gold generator spending tetro-crystals. Choose your best strategy to decide what is better to do first.


This is the middle range generator, it spawns octo-crystals. Upgrading this one is more expensive than upgrading the tetro one. With octo-crystals you can buy especial items and better armors and weapons. This generator comes by default deactivated and you need to use tetro-crystals to activate it.


This is the third and the most expensive generator, it spawns ico-crystals. You use ico-crystals to buy the best posible equipment in the game. This generator comes deactivated by default, but you need Ico-crystals to activate it. There is only one of this generators activated in the center of the map, at the same distance from each team base so expect some people fighting to get first to this generator.

Example of armors of different tiers that can be buy using different crystals
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